Stop The Cold Calling

What if it were possible to instantly make every single call you make a heart-warming or even sizzling-hot call?

Best thing about it is that it only takes less than 30 seconds to run. It would then send out an email with a link to a 3-4 page PDF branded to you, automatically follow-up multiple times and include an unsubscribe link for good measure.

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We Were Just Like You

Just about every marketing firm provides a free website analysis to their prospects. It’s part of the closing process.

Each time we received a lead (whether it was paid or through the search engines), it would take us about 45 minutes to an hour to write up a FREE analysis before we could even CALL them. Is this something you still do in your company?

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Marketing Giant or Not

It really doesn’t matter if you are a one-man (or woman) operation because you will LOOK like a marketing giant!

Whether you’re just starting or if you have a large firm with dozens of sales reps, this software will allow you to stay organized and looking extremely professional. You can add unlimited sales reps and managers to run reports.

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Starting My Own SEO Company

I have tested the analysis tool before it was launched and I love the detailed PDF report that is generated within 30 seconds. What’s best is that I can edit the report completely and include my SEO package for the customer. This software indeed save me a lot of time for writing free analysis report for the customer.

Looking Back

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Quick Overview

To save you time, we’ve provided a short overview of our Analysis Generator here. This is our program in a nutshell but going through our entire website will help you greatly appreciate what all has been put into this program. We hope you get the chance to use this tool and really help take your business to the next level. This will help you get in front of the client and in the door faster and more effectively. Don’t let your competition beat you to the punch. We are revolutionizing the way you do “network meetings” and how you’ll be able to generate a report and followup with dozens of people nearly on complete autopilot. Now that 4.0 has been released, the program is nearly unstoppable and incomparable to any report and lead generation program in existence. It will continue to evolve – wait ’til you see the next Coming Soon One of our later releases will allow you to tap into any niche market, not just the offline/local marketing business. Soon insurance agencies, plumbers, coaches and many other professional professions will be able to use our...

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Customer Testimonials

“Converts Into Dollars…”   I’m one of those users who will endorse Kevin’s Analysis Generator by telling you that not only does it save you time, it produces a detailed report in less than one minute. The information that I can share with a client or a new caller converts into dollars “instantly!” I have even had long-time clients on the phone asking me what they should do next, and while they’re asking the question, I can run the report and give them “live” stats about their site. It blows them away every time! Another client called me and said he needed to know what to tell his website maintenance person to update on his pages so he could rank higher in the search engines. At that time I had just purchased and installed AG and wanted to try something out. So I told my caller that I would send him an electronic PayPal invoice for $65 to his email address. He was then instructed to click the link and submit his payment. I told him that within 15 minutes he would receive a report telling him what needed to be changed. I emailed him the PDF file. He was amazed. He thanked me. And for less than one minute’s worth of effort, I made $65. I know it’s sometimes difficult to believe a developer’s claims, or to take the word of a seller, especially when you’re not looking at a $10-$37 purchase price. But Kevin’s already revealed a sample of an actual report. Nothing’s hidden. Did you read about all the enhancements in 2.0 and what he’s planning to...

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How It All Started

You either already own an SEO business or want to start one very soon. Either way, this could truly change the way you run your business completely. What you’re about to witness is an incredibly powerful tool to help you close more offline clients. I’m talking about easily impressing them and doing 75% of the closing work for you with just a few clicks of your mouse. And I’m talking about closing clients at $250, $500, $1,000 and even $5,000! If you want to start your own SEO business (or already have one but would like more help without paying for more staff), then this will steer you in the right direction. Hi, my name is Kevin Lam. This is a true story. Not one of those stories people make up JUST to sell a product. Before I started late 2008, I was fresh out the US Navy after 5 years as an AME (Aviation Structural Mechanic Safety Egressman). I was an E-5, for all you military guys that want to know, and was offered a job as a “Product Manager” and “SEO Manager” for a new start-up company similar to Yelp. Things were great… I did everything they needed me to… everything from content management, to designing, to coding, to concepts, to SEO, to quality control on about 12 domains. Thing is… they already had a content manager, a designer, a coder and so on…. they ALL had at LEAST one bachelor’s degree. Most had double majors. Anyway, are you ready for this? Sadly enough, the English major (content manager) couldn’t write or spell. The designer, couldn’t...

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